Welcome to St John the Baptist Church in Smalley, Derbyshire.


Reading last month’s magazine I was struck by a sense of travel. Moving along canals with Pedro, wintery walks with Gill, moving through time with Angela’s mother and Stan and even moving through different levels of heat with the Maillard Reaction.
Travelling, travelling – perhaps because we can hardly travel at all at the moment, that sense of movement, in different ways, is particularly important. Each of us travel differently but along the way there are moments, images, even flavours in our journeys that resonate with others who perhaps tread different paths. The sound of skimming sticks on ice, the view from Crich, the windmills, the smell of caramelised onions, are things that link or form a bridge between one person’s journey and another’s. Stations where an experience is shared.
Undoubtedly dealing with Covid is a journey that we are all travelling each in our own way. But there are images, sounds, stations, we share. Captain Tom Moore walking, clapping, queues at Morrison’s and so on.
The Via Dolorosa , the way of sorrow, that purports to mark the path taken by Christ on Good Friday, has been, over the centuries, reproduced by a series of images, snap shots of moments, often called Stations of the Cross. These can be found in some churches and on the continent along roadsides.
The idea, I think, is that people can enter into Jesus’ journey towards death, following his footsteps. But actually the reverse is true too and arguably more importantly. Jesus came, comes still to enter into our journeys. The moments captured stir within us memories of either our experiences or the experiences of others we know of around the world. Each image resonates differently with each person – but in the resonance there is a meeting – a sharing in both directions.
This year in our Churchyards, from the 21st of March until Easter, we will be putting up our own Stations of the Cross. We will do it to share the story of Jesus’ passion, his journey. But also, we will do it to remind all who choose to look, that he shares our – your travelling. We will do it to share in sadness what is painful, lonely and tragic in this life. But we also will do it with a quiet and deep Joy. For through his love there is also a sharing of the Resurrection.


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Easter at Smalley Church