Welcome to St John the Baptist Church in Smalley, Derbyshire.

Regular readers of this magazine will recall that Nona Travers paid a very personal tribute to Mary in October last year. Copies of this little booklet, compiled by Mary over a number of years, were distributed at the wake after her funeral.


By Mary Haywood

“Over the past few years, following a serious frightening illness, I have spent many hours observing the trees through my house windows. Trees standing tall and strong in all seasons, with their changing colours and shapes reminding me of God’s unchangingness through the seasons of my life and of his love and care.

I find a strange spiritual attraction in the trees reflected in my windows of the house, windows where no trees should be visible, and each window giving a different sight and inspiration with each being so individual. Trees of all shapes and sizes. Trees of all colours.


These thoughts and times of sharing with my Lord have been jotted down over a period of several years and each monthly page is intended to be read as a separate entry.


What a sight this morning, the trees are all decorated as though hosting a party. All dressed in sparkling white excited and happy with their new look. It has snowed and even the flat tops of the hedges and small trees have a thick topping of white, like icing on a cake. They seem to be screaming their praises to God as they party seemingly bedecked with jewels of worship to their creator as the melting snow glistens and slowly drips in the bright sunlight.

As I look through the double glazed windows this vision appears to triplicate like lights sparkling on a Christmas tree. Indeed a combination of the fresh snow covered fields, trees and hedges and the bright sunlight lifts my spirits and I can but praise God for the beauty of his creation.”