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Encounters with Glory

Recently, in a group, we spoke about the different ways we meet the Glory of God. Views from mountains, cool breezes, underwater silence, music, the sea – oh yes the sea, growing things, the flight of birds. Also pain, unexpectedly. The sense of a presence with you, helping, the sense of joining the wider suffering. Kindness of strangers. And children’s laughter; we all agreed on that one. But sometimes Glory bursts in to the most unexpected and mundane of moments.

Today, I was in a Morrison’s queue. Someone had a problem with a returned item which took at least eight and half years to be sorted – it was quite hot. We stood, very English, in the line, not complaining even when she remembered some other things she needed. Finally she was done and the quque straightened to shuffle forward. Just then someone else appeared, little and busy, with a plant in her hand. ‘Shall I just nip in front of you’, she said, ‘I have someone waiting for me’ and, without pausing for a reply, she proceeded to go straight to the cashier. She was quick as wink, and we were astounded!

I turned to catch the eye of the person behind me and found him snorting with laughter. ‘That’s just fabulous’ he said, ‘Absolutely fabulous! What away to be!’ ‘That has made my day, that has’ and his laughter was so infectious that in no time we were all, including the cashier, snorting and laughing, and miming how we could have barred her with our trolleys, and wiping our eyes. Whether it was the length of our wait that had pushed us to the point of hysteria, or the patience of the cashier, or the immense and contagious good humour of the man, or the audacity of the busy bright one with the plant – or whether it was a combination of them all, ‘Glory’ burst into the moment and life seemed very good.

I haven’t laughed quite like that in ages; it’s still making me smile now. Look out for the Glory

Rev Kate Plant


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