Welcome to St John the Baptist Church in Smalley, Derbyshire.

I wonder what the year 2022 will be like?
Will it be a repeat performance of 2021? Or perhaps of 2020? Or 2019? Or

Will it be an endless round of jabs and restrictions? Another year of broken promises by our politicians? A year closer to the doomsday forecasted by the climate change scientists? A year when we lose more of those close to us?

Or will it be a year of hope – of optimism – of joy – of thanksgiving. A year that is better than those which preceded it.
In a way, the choice is ours. Whilst we cannot influence much of what happens in the world around us, we can change how we respond to it.

Instead of complaining about coronavirus jabs and restrictions, we can be thankful for the scientists who have developed the vaccines which are keeping us safe. We can thank our leaders for making these vaccines available. We can thank our fellow men and woman for wearing face coverings that protect us – and in return, be ready to keep others safe.

We can look at how we live our lives and use the world’s resources which are so damaging the planet. We can make the changes which will make a (small) difference to the world around us. We can continue to look out for the needs of others – something that has become more visible during recent years – and something that can make a real impact.

We can make 2022 a good year – a good year for our planet – a good year for our friends and neighbours – a good year for the needy stranger and refugee – a good year for ourselves as we give the gift that always gives back – the gift of love.

I’m looking forward to a GOOD NEW YEAR. I hope you have good one as well.

Chris Prior


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