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God’s Complex Creation

All my life I have loved the study of natural history but it came as somewhat as a surprise, when doing my ‘A’ levels to discover just how complex the natural world is.

As a unit of my Zoology exam I looked at ecology, something I had never heard of prior to this. Since then I have come to realize just how complex all of God’s creation is. We have all heard of the climate crisis but this is just a part, a symptom, of how one species, us, is influencing this planet.

Over the years I have grieved to see woodland cut down to make way for housing and ancient hedgerows torn up to make the sides of roads ‘tidier’ or in order to make fields larger. Now our greed for cheap meat and products using such ingredients as palm oil are destroying vast areas of this beautiful planet that we have been so fortunate to inherit. Even ingredients such as soya and almond are not innocent in causing deforestation and destruction.

This planet does not belong to us, we have the use of it for just a lifetime and it is part of our God given duty to ensure that it remains beautiful and entire to pass on to the next generations.

We may not, as individuals, be able to influence governments and companies in other countries but we can do our bit. We can support rewilding (this entails more than just a little bit of token wilderness at the bottom of our garden) and look at how we can truly make our gardens and surroundings wildlife friendly – this requires research! We can eat less meat and buy what we eat from local producers. We can, if health allows, cut back on trendy milk alternatives and also read and check the labels on our toiletries etc.

No one said any of this would be easy but then God never promised us an easy life.

Fran Monahan


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